"When you photograph a face, you photograph the soul behind it." - Jean-Luc Godard


Why should I book a portrait session?

Well first of all, you don't have a legitimate reason not to book a portrait session. But second, you will never be who you are today!

Life moves forward and we roll with it. I am living in the now and want to document the present. But there will come a time of reflection, a time when I will want to go back and mentally relive my past. Having portraits of yourself at certain parts of your life will remind you, years from now, of who you have been in your many phases in life. You will never again be who you are today.

Portraits also allow self expression. If you are going through a difficult time, this is a perfect way to document, find yourself again or express yourself. Feeling mysterious or confident? Book a fashion inspired portrait session. Feeling sexy? Book a boudoir session. Portraits allow you the opportunity to express what is often hard to put into words. Tell me how you feel and we will set up your portrait session!